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The Right Stuff For Men.

$206.00 $186.00 (inc GST)

These four products DELIVER. The perfect shave – with the most amazing glide. So smooth. The ideal morning skin routine. The best possible night routine to ensure clear, vibrant skin in the morning. Too easy. No need to be heavy-handed. These products will keep skin looking great for months.

PLUS BONUS Clay Mask for the ultra-deep cleanse (enough for two treatments).




The Right Stuff for men consists of these products:


This collection provides brilliant functionality and results:

  • Ideal morning routine to leave skin looking healthy and energised, including the products to ensure superb glide for the best possible shave.
  • Superb evening routine for overnight recovery and re-invigoration.
  • Clay Mask for thorough deep cleanse, including pre-treatment to soften the ‘plugs’ of blackheads and facilitate the drawing action of the clays.

All super-clean and natural with not absolutely no petrochemicals. Mild antibacterial and antiseptic benefits to minimise break outs and pesky ingrown hairs. Subtle earthy and botanical aromas for skin that looks, feels and smells absolutely gorgeous.