Y natural Products

Y natural Gift Service

$75.00 (inc GST) on the 15th of each month for 12 months and a $100.00 sign-up fee

In fact, there is no ‘sign up’ fee. You start with a $100 deposit followed by a $75 installment on the 15th of each month. Over one year, this totals $1000 and in return, you receive $1000 of stunning Y natural gifts. You can choose whether to have ten $100 gifts, or four $250 gifts, or gifts of different value. You might want to save this all for next December, so that you’re all organised when everyone else is out battling the crowds. Or you might like to get some gifts at different times during the year for birthdays, an impending birth, gifts of appreciation. We are also happy to create prestige CORPORATE GIFTS that are exclusive for your business, in alignment with your budget.

First payment: March 15, 2018



Our beautiful gifts are an absolute delight. You can see how stunning they are and the care we take with the detail, right down to the ochre-wax Y-seal and gift tag.

Prices start at $22 for our beautiful boxed soap.

These are luxurious, made with an array of high quality Certified Organic oils, with plant extracts, essential oils, clays, activated, special salt (from the Murray River or Kangaroo Island) and even dried flowers or leaves from special sources. We currently make them as bars, hearts or feet, and as you can see they look exquisite. They are the opposite of a $20 bottle of wine or chocolates that will be quickly consumed and soon forgotten, or a mug or pen that is more about branding. They last for weeks or months as a reminder to the recipient that you value them and believe they are worthy of such decadence and quality.

We also tailor gift boxes and price them according to their content.

For sporty types including runners, walkers and gym lovers, we have a beautiful package of foot products.These products contain an array of ingredients such as fragrant Mint, Lemon Myrtle, Tea Tree and other extracts and oils known for their antibacterial, antiseptic, invigorating or other beneficial qualities. This is also a great gift for people who work a lot on their feet or for people with health conditions such as diabetes where regular foot maintenance is imperative.

This foot care package includes
> daily soap and monthly foot scrub, both with activated charcoal and pumice;
> refreshing foot spray to assist with mild antifungal benefits, deodorising and stimulating circulation;
> soft cloth made with ethically sourced cotton and crocheted here in Australia;
> post-race recovery magnesium foot soak;
> post-race recovery lotion bar to apply before bed for overnight decadence.

For someone who has announced that a baby is on the way, or who is going on maternity leave, we have the most stunning gifts that we tailor to your budget. These are made in collaboration with a number of ethical, Australian made suppliers of swaddling cloths, romper suits and other gorgeous treats as well as featuring gorgeous Y natural baby products, of course.

Invited to stay with interstate or overseas friends? What could be better than taking them a gift that includes products made from iconic South Australian ingredients – thus representing many South Australian areas, businesses and landmarks.

For a wedding, we can do a special run of boxed gifts that incorporate ingredients that are special to the bride and groom, boxed in a way that is in harmony with the wedding theme and colours.

Invited to dinner at the home of people who have everything they could wish for? Take our lush gifts that feature Bulgarian Rose, more precious than gold. A supreme decadence and something that will remind them of your visit for many months to follow.

These are just the beginning.

Talk with us about what you’re after and the time frame you’re working with and we will be happy to create a beautifully presented gift that will be loved by the lucky recipient and will reflect well upon you.

You may choose when you would like your gifts delivered:

> Mid-November in time for the festive season;
> Half in mid-June, half in mid-November;
> All at a time that you nominate (please allow 8 weeks).

When or if you decide to discontinue your subscription, if your purchases have exceeded your payments, you will need to make a one-off payment to bring things into balance. If you’ve got a bit of credit up your sleeve, you can let us know what products you’d like us to send you to use up that credit. Please note that if a subscription is cancelled prior to 12 month duration, the 10% VIP discount is not applied to your purchases.