Worried about the Winter Dry?

Winter is around the corner… For many of us that means dry, irritated, dehydrated, flaky skin.

Time for pre-emptive action!

So here’s Tip #1 on how to keep our skin not only looking dewy and fresh, but being genuinely hydrated and healthy.

First, a little background. If you’ve wondered why your face feels like it’s cracking when you get out of the shower and you want to dive for the moisturiser quick-time, this is why: your moisturiser hasn’t been helping to genuinely moisturise your skin and make it healthier! You might THINK you’re moisturising, but that that damp slick of  synthetic and petrochemical emollients on your skin is forming an occlusive layer, stopping the good stuff from getting in and the bad stuff from getting out. It’s gradually smothering, starving and dehydrating your skin. So ditch those chemicals and start properly feeding your skin. Yes. REALLY feeding it, not just coating it.

In Y natural’s 501 PROTECT Anti Age Moisturiser and 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser you won’t see heavy oils like olive or coconut, and certainly absolutely ZERO synthetic oils, silicones, paraffins or mineral oil to clog pores and stop your skin breathing. Nothing but the best from Y natural!

501 PROTECT and 502 HYDRATE both have an exceptionally high content of antioxidants from Green Tea, Rosemary leaf, Olive leaf and Ginkgo biloba and other sources. These are great for protecting skin from free radical attack which is still an issue in winter… Even though you’re not out getting bombarded by UV rays, think how much extra time you’re spending in climate controlled buildings, for example. So our Y natural moisturisers give a great start to healthy winter skin.

If you usually use 502 HYDRATE for normal to oily skin but find your skin getting a little drier in Winter, switch to 501 PROTECT. Yes, even if you’re young! Yes, we know. It’s an Anti Age moisturiser. But if you’re prone to extra dryness in Winter, this will work a treat. Both the moisturisers contain beautiful fine oils, the best essential oils and nutritious plant extracts, but the 501 PROTECT contains more of those lush oils to keep skin smooth and supple.

501 PROTECT also features Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil for its anti-inflammatory, moisturising and regenerative action. It helps to calm and soothe skin that is dry or irritated and reduces the appearance of those small red blood vessels and broken capillary skin conditions that seem to become more common during the winter. This is incredibly precious, this oil, worth its weight in gold. Actually, it costs more more per ounce than gold – and is worth every cent. When you try it, you’ll agree!

Back soon with the next tip!
Barbara x

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