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Did you know your body is approximately 60% water and 6% collagen? Exact proportions vary with age, gender and state of health, but still… Between water and collagen, we’re talking about roughly two thirds of your body. Your largest organ – your skin, which weighs about three or four kilograms – is about 75% collagen.

Youthful skin, so beautifully firm and dewy, is well hydrated and blessed with an abundance of collagen, a protein which provides strength and structure. As we get older, our skin gradually loses its ability to retain moisture, collagen production slows down and the type of collagen we produce changes. Our interest in collagen is not just about looks. It’s about your skin being healthy and strong enough to protect you, fight infection and disease and recover from injury – not only now, but for the long haul.

So water and collagen are important. Very important.

This explains why Y natural places so much emphasis on hydrating the skin and providing the nutrients that are known for stimulating collagen production. It’s partly about keeping the skin healthy to slow down the rate of collagen degradation, and partly about keeping the collagen-producing ‘machines’ ticking along in peak condition.

Skin is constantly regenerating, with the entire surface layer being replaced about once each year. Our approach is to provide the function and the nutrients to gently deliver immediate benefits while helping to your skin to become more healthy overall in the long term so that it stays beautiful. One year from now, you will have skin that has a year of good healthy living behind it. It will show. It might have crept up on you, but others will notice… And they’ll be envious!

In some respects, it’s like a health kick we go on for our bodies. We WANT instant results and get encouraged by seeing something immediate. But ultimately it’s what we’re able to sustain and see in the long term that really matters.

If you’re keen to get started on that sustainable, sensational skin path, then here’s where to go if you have a dry, mature or dehydrated skin profile, or if your skin is normal to oily or combination.

Now is the perfect time to take that step, by the way. If your skin seems to be less hydrated than it used to be, and you’re noticing that your skin seems less firm and resilient, then you need to get started. Maybe you’re eating healthily, drinking plenty of water and you’ve signed up at the gym or have started training for the City to Bay (or perhaps even a marathon) because you want your body to be awesomely healthy and resilient… This is the equivalent for your skin, but instead of having to do the hard yards, all you have to do is stock up once a quarter on our fabulously lush, organic products that do amazing things for your skin. Once a quarter. If you’re time pressed, you can even call us on (08) 8294 1167 to arrange automatic delivery.

By the way, if you’re a Y natural customer, let us know. We have a Y Members’ Lounge group on Facebook that may well be of interest to you. Yes, it’s about the things that are beautiful, luxurious and healthy for your skin, but also science, art, well being and more. Oh and we do a little about long distance body fitness too – so if you’re keen to work up to the City-Bay, City to Surf or even a marathon or ultra, you might to team up with us. We don’t bang on about it all the time, but it’s an important part of our world and you’re welcome to hook up (so to speak) with us virtually (and possibly in person on the odd occasion) if you’re trying to lift your fitness game…

We’ll be back with more soon!

Barbara xo

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