The Ultimate End of Summer Dream Sequence…

Ah Fabulous February. Mad March. The Tour Down Under being done and dusted marks the start of the transition from Sensational Summer to Amazing Autumn.

This is the best time to be in Adelaide… There’s our brilliant Festival of Arts, Writers Week, the Fringe, Womad and so much more. We’ll still have a few scorchers ahead of us, but for the most part, February and March are about warm days and mild evenings, perfect for going to a show, eating at one of our many wonderful cafes and then wandering off to the next show.

You need to prepare, though. It takes stamina to maintain the pace and keep coming back for more shows. Peak Resilience. That’s really up to you.

What WE can help you with, is Peak Gorgeousness. We’re focused on making your skin look dreamy, even after a week of late shows.

We’ve made it super-easy to stock up with all the luscious organic Y natural essentials for your everyday routine. With your collection, we include two bonus gift products that are both incredibly rich in antioxidants to help keep your gorgeousness at its peak.


We’re calling it the Ultimate End of Summer Dream Sequence…

Here’s what you need to care for dry, mature or dehydrated skin profiles, and here’s what you need for skin profiles that are better described as oily or combination. If you’re not sure about what your skin needs right now, call us or visit and we’ll help talk you through what’s most likely to suit.

The first of the bonus gifts is a gentle but deep cleansing clay mask with several beneficial essential oils. The heroes of the blend are amazing Kakadu Plum and Spirulina, both known for their exceptional antioxidant benefits. In particular, Kakadu Plum is celebrated as the most concentrated natural source of vitamin C and Spiralina is very rich in vitamin E and beta-carotene.

For your skin, this means that not only are you getting a great deep cleanse and clearing out those pores of dirt, sweat, pollution and the general waste that clogs your skin, you’re scoring a nice big hit of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients.

The second of the bonus gifts is simply divine. It’s a lush gel mask with ingredients that are ideal for an intensive moisture treatment. It features an antioxidant-rich extract from Australia’s iconic Flame Tree. The nutrients in this extract are known for a wide array of skin benefits, but given Mad March is looming, you’ll be particularly happy to know that it contains rutin, helpful for reducing dark circles and puffiness around the eyes. Your skin will feel more hydrated and firm, providing brilliant end-of-summer relief after all those walks, runs, cycles and parties during the hot weather.

So don’t wait – it’s time to let your gorgeousness run wild!

Til soon,

Barbara xx

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