Goodbye Winter Dry and helloooo sexy!

I’ve just dodged the rain, jumped a few puddles, towelled down the dogs before letting them inside and cranked up the heater. Winter’s here. It’s time for Tip #3 for beating the big Winter Dry and Y natural’s lush 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion is at the heart of it.

When we first made this ten years ago – yes TEN! – I absolutely loved it but argued for a bigger bottle. I was using huge handfuls of luscious chocolatey lotion on my dry, scaly legs and this size bottle wasn’t going to last me long. After a week, I used less, and then even less. And then I stopped asking for a bigger bottle.

A really great moisturiser will hydrate and nourish to promote good health as well as soften and help lubricate to reduce friction and the chance of skin tears, cracks, chapping or other damage. 700 SOFT is better than great. In my humble opinion, it’s perfect. It’s concentrated so a little goes a long way and it contains the very best of everything without even one single petrochemical. Not one.

In less than two weeks my legs were transformed. Goodbye reptilian scales. Hello healthy, hydrated and – frankly – dead sexy legs. Y’know. Sexy. Compared to before, anyhow 🙂

700 SOFT provides the powerful moisturising benefits of organic shea nut butter and organic cocoa butter, both so beautifully nourishing and softening. Cocoa butter is particularly rich in Vitamin E, a powerful anti-oxidant and free radical scavenger. Add to this the potent antioxidants in Rosehip oil, green tea extract, cocoa butter and other ingredients and that’s a whole lot of fire power to counteract the impact of free radicals from a variety of environmental pollutants.

With Calendula for soothing and healing, the amazing properties of Bulgarian Rose Otto, and the anti-cellulite benefits for which Grapefruit Pink is celebrated, this is no ordinary moisturiser.  The powerful antioxidants, skin hydrators, natural oils, invigorating herbal extracts and pure essential oils help smooth, nourish, revitalise and protect skin. Most of the ingredients in this luscious lotion are not found in any other hand and body lotion on the market and the smell of chocolate and green tea is so good you might want to eat it! I love how there’s this tiny hint of citrus at the first sniff that gradually develops as the lotion warms on my skin, until it smells so clearly of grapefruit that my mouth waters.

I can’t recommend this strongly enough – this IS special. Try it and see for yourself how quickly your skin becomes more healthy, hydrated and yes, dead sexy!

If you’re keen to try it, here’s where to find it… Alternatively, it’s part of our fabulous Goddess pack of three products, which you can buy together for 25% off, saving $34. If you’re stocking up on products at the same time and hit the $200 mark, remember to use the code ‘aphrodite’ at checkout because then you can get the Goddess pack for just $50, saving you $83! Or please feel very welcome to call 08 8294 1167 at any time during the day – we’d love to help in any way we can!

Til soon,
Barbara xx

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