Next step… Banquet!

If you have sensitive skin, you’ve probably been told at some stage to try using a product like Sorbolene or Cetaphil. This is because they’re free of artificial colours and artificial fragrance. That is, you’re being told to use them for what they DON’T contain, rather than for what they DO contain.

One reason nobody talks about what they DO contain, is because they contain nothing that’s good for you. They omit the most highly irritant ingredients, but they also omit ingredients that feed your skin cells and contribute positively to good skin health.

You know what? It’s a start. You’ve ditched the expensive brands and gone back to basics so good on you for making a positive start…

So now take the next step forward!

Think about this. Only a tiny fraction of the nutrients you consume via food reach the outer layers of your skin, so your skin really benefits if you feed it from the outside-in too. If you’re using Sorbolene or Cetaphil, it’s the skincare equivalent of living on Maccas. It might be ok for a while. But sooner or later your body is going to cry out for real food. Similarly, your skin will cry out for actual nutrition, rather than for the absence of irritants.

So the next step is to choose a product that’s free of the irritants BUT has lots of fabulous nutrition to give your skin a big, gorgeous boost.

It makes sense. You already know that if you’re feeling a bit lacklustre, the best thing you can do is cut out the chemically-laden products and eat healthy: organic fruit and vegetables, quality oils and proteins. It’s the same for your skin. Certified Organic, nutrient-rich skin-food that’s free of the irritants.

Go for it!

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a few recommendations for dry or mature skin, oily or combination skin, and problem skin.

As ever, we recommend combining your Outside-In smarts with making smart decisions for the Inside-Out too… Good food, lots of water, exercise, sleep AND fabulous Certified Organic Y natural skincare 🙂

Hope you love seeing your skin looking more gorgeous than ever!

Til soon xo


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