If Sitting is the New Smoking, then…

I just read an article claiming that Sitting is the new Smoking.

It got me thinking about the new Passive Smoking… Every day we breathe in chemicals or absorb them through our skin without thinking about it. They might do us harm. Might not. Either way, it doesn’t hurt to think about it – eliminate the passive – and if you decide you’d like to lessen that passive exposure, here are a few tips. 

At home and work, have a look around for sources of artificial fragrances – perfumes, air fresheners, those smelly sticks that soak in the chemical fragrance, the plug-in auto release puffers and other sources. By the way, most scented candles are artificially fragranced too. Get rid of the lot. There are nicer, healthier and more natural ways (eg some ideas here) to make your surroundings smell good.

Your skin is your largest breathing organ, so do a clean-out of your bathroom and ditch the products containing ingredients that are ‘occlusive’: that is, they coat the skin and thus inhibit the absorption of oxygen and impede the excretion of wastes. Examples of ingredients to avoid include cyclomethicone, dimethicone and any other chemicals ending in “ethicone”. Also look out for mineral oil, Paraffinum Liquidum, the various Isoparaffins and other forms of paraffin. If you see any of those on an ingredient list, put the bottle in a bin!

And it’s not just about what’s occlusive, though that’s a good start. Look here for more about what to avoid.

By the way – we’ve lost count of people who say they’ll use ‘good stuff’ on their face and ‘make do’ for their body… No!  The skin on your body deserves the same consideration and care that you show when choosing products for your face. Ditch the junk! If you’re after a fabulous hand and body lotion that will let your skin ‘breathe’, try Y natural’s 700 SOFT. Instead of the unhealthy occlusive chemicals, we use lush Certified Organic Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter along with a swag of other delicious, healthy oils, essential oils and plant extracts to genuinely feed your skin, while allowing the cells to expel waste.

For your face, we recommend Y natural’s beautiful day moisturisers that are free of occlusive chemicals. Instead we use beautiful Certified Organic oils and essential oils and we’re especially generous with antioxidant rich plant extracts such as Green Tea, Rosemary, Olive Leaf and Ginkgo biloba for a beautiful and superbly protective nutrient boost for your skin. If your skin is dry, mature or dehydrated, 501 PROTECT will be perfect. If your skin tends to be more oily or combination, choose 502 HYDRATE instead. At night, you simply MUST try our beautiful 601 NOURISH. It’s the Maserati of skin treatments. Utterly decadent and gorgeous AND it lets your skin breathe… Just wait til you feel for yourself how it leaves your skin feeling soft and supple and looking beautifully healthy.

Til soon – and breathe easy!

Barbara xx

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