A lil bit about collagen :-)

You know how people go on drastic health kicks, but sooner or later they wind up as unhealthy as they were in the first place? If we’re truthful with ourselves, we’re not surprised. We know it’s not about the quick fix. It’s about getting the fundamentals right and that becoming your new ‘normal’. It’s a lot like that with skin too. We want instant results and get encouraged by seeing an immediate change. But ultimately it’s what we’re able to sustain and maintain in the long term that really matters.

Fact: Your body is approximately 60% water and 6% collagen. The exact proportion varies with age, gender and state of health, but still… Between water and collagen, we’re talking about roughly two thirds of your body. Your skin is your largest organ, weighing in at about three or four kilograms, and comprising of roughly 75% collagen. Our interest in collagen is not just about looks. It’s about your skin being healthy and strong enough to protect you, fight infection and disease and recover from injury – not only now, but for the long haul.

Fact: There are at least 16 different types of collagen (the protein which provides strength and structure to skin). Youthful skin, so beautifully firm and dewy, is well hydrated and blessed with an abundance of collagen. As we get older, collagen production slows down, the types of collagen we produce changes and our skin gradually loses its ability to retain moisture.

This is why our products are so rich in nutrients known for stimulating collagen production…

It’s partly about keeping the skin healthy to slow down the rate of collagen degradation (ie keep what you’ve got for longer) and partly about keeping the collagen-producing ‘machines’ ticking along in peak condition (ie replenishing what is lost).

Y natural has the single-best, most luxurious and genuinely natural products to get you started on a sustainable, sensational Anti-Age skincare path. Call us – we’ll talk you through how to get the best results for your skin’s needs. Our approach is to provide the function and the nutrients to gently deliver immediate benefits while helping to your skin to become more healthy and beautiful – and stay that way!

Til soon xx

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