It’s I Choose SA Day!

Y natural is 100% South Australian owned and 100% South Australian made, Australian Certified Organic and Certified Cruelty Free.

We’ve been making our exquisite skincare and haircare for well over a decade. We’re incredibly proud of these delectable products and the outstanding results they deliver.

We are uncompromising: every single ingredient is the single-best ingredient for its purpose, from an ethical source, purchased on fair trade terms. We use no animal ingredients and do not test on animals. In conducting our business we go to great lengths to make a positive impact, ensuring no harm to animals, communities or habitats.

We not only rule out the bad or suspect – we rule out ordinary. Everything is the best. You will find absolutely no petrochemicals or greenwashed dodgy synthetic chemicals in Y natural. Our products are also free from animal ingredients and not tested on animals.

Y natural products are supremely luxurious, featuring ingredients that cost tens of thousands of dollars per litre, with luscious textures and subtle yet mouthwatering aromas. They’re heavenly to use and the knowledge that there’s nothing polluting your skin, body or environment gives additional pleasure and peace of mind.

What we do sets the highest standards around the world. In our industry, to take things to this extreme level in all aspects of our business is both revolutionary and beautiful, because it is genuinely not only about how we look, but how we see; not only how we feel, but how we are.

So if you’ve been waiting to try Y natural, please make today the day that you make the change. In making that change, you’ll be helping a South Australian business continue it’s world-leading standards. You’ll also be making a choice that shows you care about health, well-being, truth in marketing, the environment, fair trade and so many other ethical causes.

I’ll be at Y natural most of the day and would love to see you, or hear from you on 08 8294 1167 or email.

Barbara xo

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