601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment for Wonderful Winter Skin!

OK so right from the start I’ll be straight that 601 NOURISH is my #1 favourite product of all time. I like to be calm and objective, and my calm and objective assessment of this product is that it’s awesome. If my luggage went awol on a flight, this is what’d have me hyperventillating until it was once more safe in my hands. It’s THAT special.

When you first try it, put a little on the back of your hand to get the aroma, then keep breathing in the aroma as it warms. Divine, yes?!

We often speak of the Certified Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil we use in our range, especially in the products that are intended for mature skin profiles because of its reputation for being the single-best oil for anti-age benefits. What you might not realise, is that this same ingredient was in the famous Joy perfume by Jean Patou – Bulgarian Rose is one of the ingredients that helped Joy earn its reputation as the costliest fragrance on earth. It’s so precious and so highly sought after in fact, that Bulgarian Rose costs more per ounce than gold. It’s decadent, gorgeously aromatic and with regenerative, moisturising and anti-inflammatory properties, it is amazing for skin. This is why we’ve made it Y natural’s signature ingredient.

The romantics among us might also be interested to know that Bulgarian Rose’s aphrodisiac qualities have been recognised for centuries – so there is even more to love about this beautiful oil!

Frankincense, Myrrh and Patchouli are also featured in 601 NOURISH and, like Bulgarian Rose, they have long been treasured for their many skin benefits. Patchouli is regenerative and ideal for dry, mature, scarred or blemished skin. Frankincense is used to protect and fortify mature skin. Myrrh is healing, soothing and restoring and is excellent for treating chapped and cracked skin – mental note for anyone doing battle with the big Winter Dry!

Also like Bulgarian Rose, Frankincense, Myrrh and Patchouli are known for amazing aromas, inciting the passions and – alas – for being incredibly expensive. But then, we do love a little decadence when it comes in a package that helps our skin to look healthy and beautiful. Between them, these oils have also been recognised for their impact upon mood, for example contributing to the alleviation of depression, anxiety and/or stress, or promoting calm or restfulness, so it’s no wonder that many of our customers have reported that the quality of their sleep improved once they start using 601 NOURISH each night.

So far we’ve talked about just four of this product’s superb ingredients and their impact upon our skin and wellbeing, and that’s only the beginning… We have twice as many left still to talk about – so maybe I will add to this some time soon ­čÖé

Are you starting to understand why I love 601 NOURISH so much? Just imagine what a pleasure it would be, to apply such a stunning blend of fine oils every night, enjoying the luscious aromas, sleeping beautifully and waking to skin that’s had eight hours of this nourishing treatment…

This really IS the Maserati, the utterly divine pinnacle of night treatment oils. Just wait til you try it for yourself!

Barbara xx

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