The Collective Superpower…

We often see pictures posted that share these sentiments: Buy local. Support local business. Local jobs. Put our taxes to work in Australia. Keep profits local and encourage those dollars to be spent in other local businesses.

We add the importance of recognising that each of us as a consumer wields power and that every purchase we make MATTERS. It really does! By purchasing, each of us is saying that we accept the standards involved in the making and marketing of that product.

It makes a REAL DIFFERENCE to buy local AND support a business that is ethical, cruelty free, non-polluting and environmentally sustainable.

Please keep this thought front of mind when you’re next buying your skincare, haircare, a gift for a special occasion. Your decision to purchase Y natural will mean that you support our pledge to make a world of difference to skin, while making a difference to the world. If everyone uses the power inherent in their purchasing dollar, collectively, that becomes a Superpower.

Let’s use that Superpower for Good!

With thanks and warmest wishes on behalf of us all here at Y natural,

Barbara xx

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