Special bulletin for pregnant and breastfeeding women!

Are you pregnant, or breastfeeding, or do have a baby or small children?

If yes, then over the next few weeks, look for our series of posts that are especially relevant to you. Overall, our aim is to help make it easier to make informed choices that will benefit you and your little one.

We believe this is important because your choices matter. At the time of birth, before even  before the first breathe of air or first sip of mother’s milk, there’s almost certainly chemicals in your baby’s bloodstream that you wish were not there.

We’re referring to chemicals for which there is research published by reputable sources that show them to be in some way related to one or more of the following: infertility, birth defects, hormone disruption, cancer in humans or animals, neurotoxicity or toxicity of the immune system.

We’re doing Science. For example, exposure to certain consumer products such as plastics, artificial fragrance in personal care products and nail polish can result in phthalates passing into the blood stream and these are known to pass through the placenta into the foetus and also can pass into breast milk. Papers by the World Health Organisation indicate a link between phthalates and childhood asthma, childhood leukaemia and deformities of the sex organs in baby boys.

It’s fair to suppose that most pregnant women are very protective of the baby growing within them. Most would be shocked to learn that their baby has already been exposed to chemicals that were banned over 30 years ago, or chemicals that are banned in the EU yet legal in Australia and the US, or chemicals that remain legal despite being known to cause cancer, hormone disruption and/or other problems in humans or other animals.

So keep an eye out for our posts and we’ll do our best to help you get your head around the science and provide a whole lot of practical tips too. No internet hysteria or conspiracy theories!

We’ll also be doing several events that are specifically intended for soon-to-be mums or new mums.

If you would like the posts and/or information about the events to be send direct to you by email, drop us a line on info@ynatural.com.au.

Barbara xx

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