Last 10 days of the August Vibe…

August. It’s the vibe of it. It’s fitness. It’s skin. It’s skin-fitness. It’s the vibe and ah, no that’s it. It’s the vibe.*

We’re two thirds of the way through August, just ten days left (including today) so it seems a good time to take stock of where we’re at and revisit the thinking behind the August vibe…

The idea of the August vibe stemmed from a conversation about how we seem so much ‘better’ when we are physically fit. As a skincare company, we’re very interested in what helps to make our skin look better, and certainly being fit does make a very positive difference. However, being fit gives so much more, because we feel better – among other things we’re more happy, more powerful, have more confidence and energy, and we generally ‘get things done’ more efficiently and effectively.

So this is about providing short ‘sound bites’ of information, ideas and inspiration for decisions and/or changes that are positive many different ways. Together these things create the August vibe.

We’ve kept it so simple. A moment of peace. Hydration. Nutrition. Also, because only a tiny percentage of nutrients we consume as food reach the outer layers of our skin, we’ve looked at nutrition from the outside-in, with good things to put on your skin to give it a nice, healthy boost, and noted some of the things that are better left off your skin.

During the last 10 days of August, we’ll continue these themes, adding more layers to our knowledge and also giving a nod to Spring being just around the corner…


* Again: with apologies to and much love for The Castle <3





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