Part 1 of my divine At-Home Organic Day Spa Extravaganza…

It all started quite simply. First, a super-quick shower to shampoo my hair using Y’s übernatural 1000 RADICAL H2O Activated Shampoo and then apply super-luxurious 1200 REHAB Recovery Treatment (you’ll need to call 08 8294 1167 to order this, it’s not available online) featuring luxurious Bulgarian Rose Otto Essential Oil and Bergamot, along with extracts of Calendula, Chamomile, Horsetail, Green Tea, Comfrey and more, with luxurious oils including Rosehip, Rosewood, Sesame and Macadamia. This is Rolls Royce. No, actually, it’s the very best of Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Bugatti, all put together!

Then I applied my 301 GENTLE clay mask with Rose Otto, Hibiscus and Frankincense… At this point, I confess, I ducked out to the living room so that I could scare Cassandre (Y natural’s intern from France) with my dark red face. Given her shriek, I can confidently state, “Mission Accomplished!”

Then it was time to soak in the bath, savouring the aromas of our Special Limited Edition Chamomile Bath Salts. Oh my word, it was so good, to simply STOP and do nothing for a while, other than read and enjoy a glass of wine.

The mask stayed on for about five minutes, then I just washed it off using the bath water and sprayed my face using Y’s 400 GRACE Skin Conditioner and stayed in the bath… Oh yes, and I topped up my glass of wine, of course… Then after about 15 minutes, I ducked out of the bath for a 1-minute shower to wash off the 1200 REHAB treatment, then got back in the bath and quickly resumed reading and enjoying my wine. I stayed there quite happily for the best part of an hour before getting out to write this post.

Just as a little aside… Last Saturday, my lovely colleague Celia gave me her special Y natural facial – she promised to “take off 10 years” and I swear she delivered. She really did. But she also delivered so much more. She delivered a sense of peace that I really needed, and time to truly let go of the pressures of life and let her take charge. It was divine and I have such appreciation for the care and attention to detail that she showed. If you have a chance to experience what I did, you really must take it!

That said, I know we don’t always have the flexibility to do such things during the working week, so if that resonates with you, perhaps you should try what I’m doing today. This really is amazing. Giving myself permission to stop. I know I am not alone with this. Too many of us work too hard and put ourselves last. So maybe it’s time to be kind to yourself. I can make up a package with all the things you need to do what I’m doing today. You just need to give yourself permission. Or tell your loved one (or loved ones) what you want and make it your Christmas present!

And as a second little aside… I’ve been dying to use our REHAB treatment ever since I did the 30km swim challenge to sponsor Charlotte going to Colombia with the Australian Women’s Underwater Rugby Team for the World Championships. My hair is fine and easily damaged, so swimming 30km in a chlorinated swimming pool left it looking worse than second-hand. It was well and truly trashed. But as one of those poor souls who is sensitive to the proteins used in natural skin and hair products, (to provide strength and facilitate moisturising of the hair) I had to wait til I could do it when my skin was quite calm and be sufficiently careful so that I don’t end up with my skin being sensitised. Happily, the result excellent! My hair is silky smooth and soft (ask Cassandre, she’ll verify for you!) and my skin is still perfect. Happy!

And now, onward to the next part of this little At-Home Organic Day Spa Extravaganza!

Barbara xx

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