Get Organised for Christmas!

Don’t panic! Here’s a fabulous step forward in being beautifully prepared for any occasion at this time of year…

We have put together a stash of special, thoughtful gifts.

You’ll receive 8 different gifts that will be perfect for any situation, plus these gifts will contribute to the important work of the Childhood Cancer Association and Walk for Life.

Together, we’ll be helping to support families with a sick child and also helping to fix the feet of children born with clubfoot deformity.

This Stash is perfect for when someone unexpectedly arrives, or when you want to add a personal touch when giving a gift card. Plus there are always people who are difficult to buy for. We include a list of ideas based on our ingredients and the uses of products, so that you’re able to make a connection between them and the gift. This adds a level of thoughtfulness to the gift giving and they will love that you have chosen something with them in mind.

For example, a product including cocoa butter (like our body lotion or boutique soap) is perfect for someone who loves chocolate but is trying to be healthy. One with rose oil will be loved by an avid gardener, or one featuring Australian native plants is bound to please someone who loves the great outdoors. We include things that are great for caring for feet (perfect for someone into sport, training for that bucket-list marathon, who is diabetic or elderly, or into pedicures).

Our products are particularly suitable for someone who is pregnant or who has recently had a baby, as our products are so super-clean and healthy. They’re 100% free of artificial colours and fragrances that are known for causing irritations and sensitivities. Our products are also free of phthalates, which scientific research has linked with deformities of sex organs of baby boys, childhood leukaemia, childhood asthma and other problems.

There are so many possibilities! And best of all, this is a gift that pays it forward too…

This box of goodies contains:

  • A Baby Elliot toy dog, RRP $15 (not wrapped).
  • A Y natural foot-care pack, RRP $66 (wrapped).
  • Three individually boxed boutique soaps, RRP $22 each (wrapped). The actual soaps will vary from pack to pack. If you wish to request a specific type, please contact us on the same day as your order, or the next working day.
  • Three 50ml 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotions, RRP $25 each (wrapped).

Together, the total RRP of these products is $222.

We gift wrap and send these to you Express Post free of charge PLUS:

  • We donate $15 to Childhood Cancer Association for the Elliot toy dog;
  • We donate $15 to Walk for Life; and
  • We deduct $15 for you too!

So the price for this package is $207.

If you’d like to upsize to a Big Elliot, with all the other elements being the same, we increase the donation to the Childhood Cancer Association to $30. Just purchase here instead.

Keep an eye on our page and well give you an update on the various things we do to help these two amazing organisations.

And… Thank you! xx

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