Organic, Organised and Orsome!

OK, so we’re fond of alliteration. We’re also fond of our gorgeous Organic products and we’re exceptionally excited (see that?!) about our lush Limited Edition body products and travel size products that we’ve made for Christmas this year.

Kudos to all the Y-friends who have got Organised and ordered their Y natural Christmas gifts. We’ve been busily making up the orders and gift wrapping them to look very special. We had our Open Day on the 20th which really focused our efforts and the wrapping and deliveries have been continuing ever since. If you’re one of these Orsome people and you haven’t heard from us yet about how you’d like your gifts to be tailored and delivery details, you should expect to hear from us in the next few days. Hopefully the orders will all be delivered by next Friday.

And as for today? Today is my day of rest after 27 consecutive days working. I started the day with a walk at the beach which was good for the soul and now I plan to use a LOT of these products to spoil myself today. I’ll be making posts about them on Y natural’s facebook page as I work my way through them (so yes, that means I am still working, but it’s a very nice way to work). Definitely keep an eye out if you’re curious about our little stash of treasures.

While the Pre-order arrangement for Christmas gifts has now ended (apart from the final deliveries), if you’d like us to help get your Christmas gifts organised, it is not too late to order some gifts here.

And here’s a little Christmas cheer from us: whether you’re buying Christmas gifts or stocking up on their regular skincare products, if you place your order BY PHONE (08) 8204 1167 this weekend, we will include a bonus of one of the organic Christmas products that I will be writing about today. You can choose whichever one takes your fancy while we’re talking on the phone :-))

BTW I probably should warn you that I’ll be opening a bottle of bubbles shortly – so if you notice the tone of the posts getting progressively happier and affectionate, you know why. Inevitably, this day is going to end with, “And I love youse all!”

Have a fabulous weekend and let me know what you think of our Christmas goodies!

Barbara xx


PS And here are a couple of extra fave pics from this glorious morning at Adelaide’s gorgeous Glenelg beach…

20151128_080539(0)  20151128_080918 cropped

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