Just give me time.

I recently enjoyed Y Natural’s Decadence day-spa experience – a gift from three dear friends – and given it was so close to Mother’s Day it had me pondering the gifts I’d given my Mum over the years.

My Mum passed away seven years ago, six weeks after my first child was born, but I wish she were still here so I could tell her that I now understand motherhood and the value of unencumbered time to oneself.

Like so many parents, I work and manage a home. I rarely have quality time to myself – in fact, it’s a treat to go to the loo without the boys trailing behind me with their questions and entreaties for lollies, a trip to the park, to watch TV, to play a game, to paint and more.

And, of course, I love it (we all do). I love them, and I love being with them – they make me smile and laugh – but, oh, to have time to relax by myself! It’s a rare treat.

Time – gloriously unencumbered time.

In truth, it doesn’t matter what gift or deed my boys concoct to acknowledge Mother’s Day. I’ll lap up their attention, kisses and delight in giving their gift. I know that’s exactly what my Mum felt. But, if she were still here, I’d give her time.

Tia Psaras, guest writer

Thanks so much for your reflections, Tia! You have captured something that we feel strongly too – that the true luxury really is time and it is the most wonderful gift.

Barbara xo


BTW, for Tia’s post about her recent visit to Y natural, please look here.  And just yesterday, Y natural’s intern Olivia also wrote a post with her reflections on Mother’s Day – here. Our mothers are all very much front of mind. Love to you all! xx

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