Let’s celebrate Autumn!

Let’s celebrate autumn with a fabulous competition! With Lemon Myrtle!

What’s Lemon Myrtle? So glad you asked…

The scientific name of this Australian native plant is Backhousia citriodora which is native to the subtropical rainforests of central and south-eastern Queensland. It has little white-cream coloured flowers in clusters that appear during summer through into autumn and you get the characteristic scent when you crush the leaves.

This is what gives the fresh, uplifting scent of lemon in our 101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion, 302 DEEP Clarifying Mask, 1000 RADICAL H2O Activated Shampoo and 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner.

These beautifully aromatic leaves also provide flavour and aroma that can be used in food, in particular pasta, fish, flavoured oils, lemon tea and infusions and also ice cream and sorbet. It tastes just like lemon but without the acidity. So delicious and refreshing!

Now we want to know what YOU can tell us about Lemon Myrtle – in particular, we’d love you to suggest a delicious recipe with lemon myrtle in it.

Send us your best recipe before 31 March 2015. We will choose some recipes to make, do a taste-test and select our favourite. The lucky winner will receive a Y natural 302 DEEP Clarifying Clay Mask and 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner.

But wait – there’s more!

As a SPECIAL BONUS treat, Y natural has arranged for local brand locapop to make some popsicles featuring Lemon Myrtle. If the winner is able to collect his/her prize in person from Y natural’s Head Office, he or she will also receive 12 of these delicious treats as part of their prize.

Locapop gourmet popsicles are made using organic or pesticide free locally-sourced fruit and herbs. The pops are preservative free, gluten free and low in added sugar. Guilt free, healthy deliciousness!!!

Marvellous March Terms & Conditions.

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