Kiwi + Avo = Collagen-Boosting Gorgeousness

It’s Day 14 of the #‎fitness ‪#‎skinfitness ‪#‎Augustvibe

We said yesterday (in our Facebook post) that your homework was to get a kiwi fruit and avocado… That’s because today’s treats refer back to recent posts on Collagen, Vitamin C and Avocado. We’re going to use information from a paper in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, in which a French research team reported that certain avocado sugars (eg D-manno-heptulose*) help to boost epidermal collagen. Plus we’re giving a nod to the humble kiwi fruit, one of which provides about three-quarters of your daily allowance of Vitamin C – easy, accessible and affordable – and as we read recently, Vitamin C is an essential part of pro-collagen.

‘OutsideIn’ and ‘InsideOut’ each need half the kiwi and a quarter of the avocado. Save the other half of the avo for lunch – just squeeze with lime and smash on sour dough bread… Mmmm…

#OutsideIn It’s time for a mask double header!

If you have one of our beautiful Y natural clay masks (301 GENTLE or 302 DEEP) we recommend that for a nice deep cleanse, following the instructions we provide in the package. It is SO good on a Sunday morning! If you haven’t got any mask and don’t know why people rave about it so much, then when you stock up* on your Y natural supplies this week, mention this post to us (in person, by phone, email or fb message) and we’ll give you a little for you to try for your #skinfitness treat next Sunday.

Now for a big hit of nutrients that are known to stimulate the production of collagen – or more accurately, pro-collagen, which is then synthesised into collagen – try this little secret blend. Mash together the other half of your kiwi and a quarter of your avocado (no skins). Apply the kiwi-avo mash to your face for 30 minutes. Read the paper. Soak in the bath. Doze with your feet up. Or just carry on doing whatever you like to do on a Sunday morning. Remove with a damp flannel and admire your glowing skin!

#InsideOut Use the other half of your kiwi and a quarter of the avo in a brunch smoothy, similar to the one we posted on fb yesterday. The avocado gives a beautifully smooth texture and is so full of fabulous nutrients that there’s good reason for trying to include a little avo in your diet every single day.

Have a sensational Sunday! xx


*Notice the name of that sugar? This is a great moment for a reminder that just because something has a long name, it’s not necessarily something you want to avoid. This is a perfectly healthy and naturally-occuring sugar within the avocado. When we make recommendations about what to avoid, we try to draw attention to things that are indicative of patterns, rather than teaching you a gazillion different individual chemicals.

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