ICYMI 27 March Y news update :-)

Our quote of the week is from Maya Angelou: We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty. We chose this because we have BIG changes afoot: we’re moving premises, holding focus groups, doing a survey and a whole lot more. Exciting times!

Our survey takes well under five minutes, so if we do get in touch, please know that we will be super-respectful of your time. We email you first to confirm a time that is convenient to you of course!

If you love talking business, ideas and shooting the breeze with a small group of smart, savvy thinkers, we’d love you to join us at a Y natural focus group. To be involved, please email us and we’ll be in touch very soon.

Although we’ll still be at our current premises for a little while yet, we’ll be heads-down doing everything we can to make our transition as smooth and efficient as possible. By the time Easter comes around, we’ll have well and truly earned ourselves a nice bit of time-out 🙂

Speaking of Easter, if you’re wondering what to give that’s unexpected, that isn’t going to sabotage someone’s plans to be healthy and  yet still has those beautiful ‘gifty’ connotations of giving a box of chocolates, flowers and a bottle of something that smells divine, then we have exactly what you’re after: Y natural’s 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion and our exquisite gift-boxed soap. It’s the perfect #altchocolate gift!

Come to think of it, I’ll be indulging in some of the 700 SMOOTH shortly – my hands need a little TLC after my taking a little time-out to tend to my herb garden and plant some spinach and rocket seeds. If you’ve been doing something today that dries out your skin, don’t forget to take a pic and share it on Facebook or Instagram using the hashtags #ynatural and #mydryskin. You might win a gorgeous Y natural prize worth over $250!

We featured our two amazing day moisturisers this week:  501 PROTECT Anti Age Moisturiser and 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser.

Both of these Y natural moisturisers are packed with protective antioxidants from a variety of sources, including Green tea, Ginkgo biloba, Olive leaf and Rosemary leaf. Our moisturisers also contain natural Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheral from a plant source) which is a powerful antioxidant and is reported to enhance the performance of UV blockers, soften skin and moisturise deep within the epidermis; and natural Vitamin C provides a boost that is useful in restoring a smooth surface to skin cells.

To choose the right moisturiser for you:

501 PROTECT Anti Age Moisturiser is for people with dry, mature or dehydrated skin profiles. It contains few extra oils that are extremely light and lush for skin, including Avocado and Macadamia. The essential oils and extracts are chosen especially to benefit skin profiles that are prone to be dry, red and/or somewhat sensitive. It  features the ultimate anti-age essential oil, Bulgarian Rose Otto (which costs more per ounce than gold) and extracts of Calendula (for calming the skin) and Carrot (for beta-carotene pro-vitamin A to help accelerate skin cell regeneration and thus is a boost for mature skin, to help reduce wrinkles and to help tone the skin).

502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser is for people with oily or combination skin profiles. This is lower in oil content, featuring Certified Organic Jojoba, which is celebrated for its balancing effect upon skin. Cypress, Bergamot and Rosewood essential oils are particularly beneficial if your skin is oily, prone to a little congestion or clogged pores. If you have a good nose for aromas, you will pick the refreshing notes of peppermint mixed in with the leafy green antioxidants, with the essential oils adding a little woodiness. It’s quite evocative of being in a forest!

Don’t forget, when it comes to the most gorgeous, healthy skin and peak skin fitness, you need to work from the inside-out and the outside-in. Eating and drinking healthily can make such a big difference for your skin. That said, only a tiny percentage of the nutrients you’ve consumed reach the very outer layers of your skin, so it’s important to use genuinely nutritious skincare on your skin. This is why we recommend you ditch the highly processed, chemical-laden junk food and sugary drinks and similarly, ditch the highly processed, chemical-laden junk skincare. It does your skin and body no favours to have that rubbish in and on it, and it does our environment no favours to have those chemicals pumped into our waterways and landfill.

This week’s #brokenrecord: read your labels, read your labels, read your labels! This week, our tip was to avoid products that contain Disodium EDTA which disrupts cell membranes allowing chemicals to penetrate more easily. This ingredients is super common, even on products that are marketed as natural or organic, so please don’t forget to #readyourlabels, even if the label has pretty flowers and leaves on it! As ever, keep an eye on our fb page too, because we often post tips about how to read labels and ingredients lists – stick with us and you’ll gradually find you’ve developed an impressive superpower 🙂

We finish this blog with this amazing clip of an evocative art installation by Chiharu Shiota, with a boat and billowing red clouds of keys. Isn’t it incredible?!

Til soon – thanks for sharing your time with us xo

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