Happy New Year & Important News!

Happy New Year! We hope Sweet 2016 has got off to a magnificent start for you and yours.

It is my great pleasure to announce on behalf of the Y natural team, that we will soon be launching our brand new Y natural Member’s Lounge. This is a private Facebook group that will serve as the hub of information and special benefits for Y natural customers. It replaces the Y natural Rewards Program.

The focus of this new Members’ Lounge group reflects Y natural’s belief that being beautiful is much more than how you look. It’s about how you see.

The four key themes of our Members’ Lounge are related to an all-encompassing view of beauty: the beauty of skin, the beauty of living a beautiful life, the beauty of our natural world and the beauty of our human world. So it will include things ranging from those specifically related to skincare to those more related to an overall way of life. The Members’ Lounge will be free of internet hype, conspiracy theories and the rampant down-your-throat approach of the crusaders. Instead we focus on what we can learn from science and taking a smart, healthy, informed and appreciative approach to the world.

Here’s how to become part of the Y natural Members’ Lounge*:

If you are a current Y natural customer, please feel welcome to ‘request to join’ the Y natural Members’ Lounge group and we will add you as soon as you make your first purchase of $150 or more in 2016.

If you purchase your Y natural products from one of our fabulous salon stockists, please ask for a receipt for your purchase of $150 or more, take a photo or and send it to us. Don’t forget to include the name of the salon!

It’s that easy.

Your first order of $150 or more for the year means you can become part of the Members’ Lounge and become eligible for special benefits.

With your next order of $150 or more, after 1 Feb 2016, we will enclose a Y natural Fabulous Foot Pampering Pack, valued at $70, at no extra cost. These packs are simply divine!

And hey, while you’re online, why not send us a picture of you and tell us about yourself – we’d love that. Please feel very welcome to message us on our Y natural Facebook page or email info@ynatural.com.au.

Oh and speaking of pictures, special thanks to David G. Hunt for allowing us to use another of his beautiful photographic works in this post.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Barbara xo

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Our intent is to foster an environment that is safe, informative and inspiring, for a community that is positive and generous of spirit. While being a current customer of Y natural is one criterion for admission into the Members’ Lounge, it is not the only criterion. We reserve the right to add or remove someone from the group at our sole discretion. We have a Code of Conduct and your presence in the Members’ Lounge group reflects tacit agreement to those terms. We reserve the right to amend the Members’ Lounge Code of Conduct at our sole discretion. Overseas customers are most welcome to be part of our online community in the Members’ Lounge, however they are ineligible for bonus packages.

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