Awesome Avocadoes!

If you’re into healthy cooking, you’ve probably sought out foods like carrots, pumpkin and other orange-yellow-red vegetables. A healthy fat-free meal or snack, right? Their colour is due to their carotenoid content. These carotenoids are important for normal growth, healthy vision and properly functioning immune system. They’re also antioxidants, protecting cells from damaging free radicals.

Carotenoids are known as ‘essential’ nutrients because the body can’t make its own. What you mightn’t realise however, is that need to be consumed with oil to be absorbed effectively.

So next time you’re being all healthy, chowing down on carrot sticks for a healthy snack, add a wedge of avocado or a splash of avocado oil to amplify the benefits. Actually – avo is not just for when you’re having a snack. It’s such an awesome food for every day.

And that’s why your #Augustvibe #skinfitness task for today was to get an avocado. So many ways to eat avocado! So good for us AND they help us get more goodness out of the other things we eat.  Try making a simple guacamole – there are soooooo many easy recipes online. And if really just don’t like avocados, try making one of the alternatives here with broccoli or edamame (but these really should have an added splash of avocado oil, macadamia oil or a quality extra virgin olive oil).

If you want, you can save a quarter of the avocado to use in a home-made facemask. There are lots of recipes, but it’s pretty hard to go wrong if you’re simply combining avo with something healthy. I’d mash it with something rich in carotenoids (eg banana, or a cooked carrot). If you like, you can add a spoonful of honey, or some yoghurt – or both – or just leave those out if you’re vegan. It will still be lovely!

I’ve seen some mask recipes saying to add a bit extra oil – it’s not really necessary if you’re using avo, but if you do, make it a really fine oil (like avocado, macadamia or jojoba which each have molecules small enough to be absorbed into your skin cleanly) instead of the more complex oils (like olive or coconut).

Incidentally, we use cold pressed Certified Organic Avocado Oil in a few of our products, including our gorgeous and insanely decadent 601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment. Avocado Oil is moisturising, nourishing and accelerates healing of the skin. Also, scientific studies have delivered interesting results suggesting a role in stimulating collagen production, so there’s much more still to learn of this amazing fruit…

Have a fabulous weekend! xx

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