The August Skin-fit Vibe…

August. It’s the vibe of it. It’s fitness. It’s skin. It’s skin-fitness. It’s the vibe and ah, no that’s it. It’s the vibe.*

It’s the second of 31 days of fitness and skin-fitness. Fitness from the outside-in and the inside-out.

We’ve started out easy yesterday, just warming into it, with a reminder to drink plenty of water and take time out to just ‘be’

There’s so much more ahead.

Over the 31 days we’ll be looking at a swag of things, not only the things we eat, drink and apply to our skin, but the things we do to improve our health and well-being in other ways.

The reason we’re doing this is that we have a LOT happening at the moment and we all need to be incredibly focused. I find that when I’m healthy and physically strong, everything is better in every part of my life, including work: I work hard, am really productive, make good decisions and get things right the first time – and I’m happier! And I’m not alone in feeling that way. We all do.

We started by setting goals – mine is an ultra marathon coming up in September, I want to be strong enough to do a good job of the run and recover strongly afterward. Knowing that we also have some photo shoots coming up is good incentive – I want to make sure that everything about me screams of good health, well being and confidence. And that, really is what ties everything together. Sure, we all want to look our best, but it’s very much about FEELING our best.

So we’re all going for it. We’re all about getting well from the inside-out and the outside-in. It’s our August vibe.

If it’s yours too, we’d love you to be part of it!

If you missed Day 1, not a problem. Just throw yourself straight into Day 2! It’s Day 1 plus a bit…

  • Keep drinking the water and herbal teas, while cutting back on the caffeine, fizzy and sugary beverages.
  • Take that moment out to stop and just ‘be’. Let go of everything. Some people like meditation, so go for it, if it’s your thing. It’s not my thing though – I prefer to empty my mind while I run or swim. These aren’t really handy for a break of just a few minutes, so I try to get out for a walk and absorb my surroundings. The big things and the very small. The sky and clouds in particular, and I love zooming in on the details that we miss in our rush… Stones, bark, cracks, street art, contrast, connection. Keep looking until you see something beautiful that you’ve never noticed before.
  • Make sure your meals today include good proportions of at least five different vegetables. At least! Five. List them! And garnishes don’t count! 🙂

Barbara xo

#skinfitness #Augustvibe

*With apologies to and much love for The Castle

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