A Beautiful Anzac Idea

Rosemary is strongly associated with Anzac Day, presumably because it grows wild on the Gallipoli Peninsula, though perhaps also it is partly because rosemary has long been thought to have properties that are beneficial to memory – and Anzac Day is all about remembering and honouring the courage of the soldiers who fought in Gallipoli.

We are posting this today rather than waiting til next week, because if you don’t have any in your garden, it might be nice to plant some ‘Gallipoli Rosemary’ next Saturday. Apparently, in 1915 – yes, one hundred years ago! – a wounded soldier returned to Adelaide and brought with him some rosemary from Gallipoli. It’s possible to buy rosemary plants that are grown as a result of sprigs from that very plant, propagated to ensure that this specific connection to our history would never be lost.

So now you have a week to get organised… GO!

The story is here, including a list of growers of Gallipoli Rosemary.

NOTE: This post was originally written for Anzac Day 2015  xo

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