3 Important Facts About Baby Wellbeing…

FACT 1. Did you know that compared to an adult, babies have more skin relative to their body weight, and their skin is more permeable than that of an adult? It’s so permeable in fact, that some of the chemicals in your baby’s bathwater can be identified the bloodstream within 20 seconds. So compared to an adult, babies absorb more chemicals from their surroundings and the products applied to their skin.

FACT 2. These little people also ingest more chemicals per unit of body mass than we do because – per kilo of body weight – our lovely little people breathe more than adults, they eat three or four times more than an adult and drink as much as seven times more water.

FACT 3. Analysis of umbilical fluid at the time of birth revealed that babies from ten different areas across the US were born with an average of 200 chemicals of concern in their bloodstream, including known carcinogens, mutagens, hormone disruptors and neurotoxins. Remember, this is before they’d even had that first breath or that first sip of mother’s milk…

There are some things that are hard to do, and some things that are easy to do. Choosing your stash of genuinely clean and healthy products to use for yourself (even when you’re first thinking about starting a family) and your baby is an easy decision.

Using Y natural means being certain you’re using something genuinely good for your child at every single time you open the cap of a bottle. It’s all jam-packed with Certified Organic goodness with not a single petrochemical or dodgy synthetic to compromise it. AND it’s Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan. This really is all good. And that’s Fact 4. Your bonus fact!

For more information, come join us at a Y natural event, visit or call us, or check out our website. We’d love to hear from you.

Barbara xx

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