168 chemicals to face the day…

Fun fact: 168 is the number of hours in a week. It’s also the number of chemicals (on average) to which you are possibly being exposed each day via your personal care products, according to a recent article in ABCnews, citing research by the Environmental Working Group.

My friend posted the link on my page, asking me the question: “Does this have any basis in reality or is it just media beat up?”

Rather than just respond by gut feeling, we decided to delve a little. Look at how many products were used each day, see how many chemicals were used in the making of those products, and get a sense of whether the article was based on hysteria or a legitimate need for worry.

A few minutes of brainstorming resulted in a list of 18 products that are used regularly – though not necessarily daily – by many women. We then looked at the ingredients used in a minimum of three products of each type to provide an estimate of the daily chemical exposure.

Their estimation of 12 products per day is probably still an underestimation of exposure to chemicals, given our additional exposure to dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, softener, fabric / carpet protectors, air fresheners, insect repellents and the like.

So it turns out that 168 chemicals is completely believable. We’re still working our way through the statistics so we can provide an accurate analysis (which we will use in future posts, workshops and courses) but there’s some learning to do in the meanwhile.

Some ingredients are unique to one product, while others occur in every product. This raises questions of which ingredients are definitely safe vs potentially problematic, how many ingredients are overtly problematic because of their repeated use across many products, and what do we know about interactions between different chemicals?

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