Anyone who knows us well or has visited Y natural in the past few years will be aware that we love art and do our best to find ways within our means to support or promote Australian artists.  It makes us very proud and happy to be sponsors of a talented group of Australian artists who are participating in Art Expo Milan 2015. One of the artists is Adelaide’s Danae Thyssen, who created Casting Pearls among Swines (the featured image, above) as part of her Down the Rabbit Hole collection. This piece is included the exhibition in Milan. Gorgeous, eh? To see what is happening in Milan, keep an eye on their fb page . We’ll share more on the exhibition and participating artists soon – and Danae specifically – but for now we really just wanted to share the excitement of the exhibition launch!

streetartSince we’re talking Milan, it’s a great excuse to slip in this pic that I spotted yesterday in a link sent via Twitter. The artist is “Cheone” and this is the bio from the page: “Cheone is an Italian street artist, interested in Photorealism and making his art as realistic as possible. He joined numerous other artists who took part in this year’s Meeting of Styles in Italy. The Italian edition of the non-profit event, organized worldwide in order to bring urban artists together, took place in Milan in May. Cheone’s mural cleverly interacts with its surroundings. He placed a man with a paint roller on the wall above a zebra crossing, so that it seems that the man is the one painting the zebra. Witty!” Yes, witty, indeed!

Also, a heads-up… At our premises, we’re incredibly fortunate to have on display a number of beautiful works by indigenous Australian artists. These are for sale and we always feel a little torn when one of this amazing pieces goes to a new home. We’ll be doing a new collection featuring someone special during August while SA Living Art festival is on. We’ll make the announcements soon, but in the meanwhile, please feel very welcome to drop by to see the beautiful pieces that are already in place!

Til soon,
Barbara xx

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