TIP: in addition to watching out for BPA in plastics…

You may have heard about ‘phthalates’ because of there being so much publicity about avoiding baby bottles, toys and other plastics made with BPA. Infants and toddlers are at the greatest risk of exposure, because of their tendency to put everything in their mouth (ie ‘mouthing behaviour’).

Did you realise that body-care products containing phthalates are also a source of exposure for infants?

The authors of a 2008 study observed that reported use of baby lotion, powder and shampoo were associated with increased infant urine concentrations of phthalate metabolites (ie broken-down phthalates) and this association is strongest in younger infants.

Also, because phthalates are able to cross the placenta and into breast milk, phthalates in the products used on/by pregnant and breastfeeding women can end up in their babies.

So in addition to choosing plastics carefully, we recommend pregnant and breastfeeding women also:

stop wearing perfume directly on skin (spray around the hem of your skirt or inside of your jacket, and avoid breathing it in)
avoid wearing nail polish (phthalates are among the chemicals used to make it flexible and more resistant to chipping)
for themselves, their babies and children, choose bodycare, skincare and haircare which (like Y natural) are free of these chemicals.

Hope this is helpful! xo

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