Summer is in full swing and suddenly we’re all parched skin, chapped nails, sandpapery and split heels, rough elbows, dry hair, cracked lips and thirsty everything!

What are YOU doing that dries out your skin?

It might from swimming in salt water at the beach or chlorine at the pool, the wind when you’re out running, cycling, playing tennis, climbing or kayaking. Or perhaps it’s your hobby or work you’re doing around the house while you’re on holidays: gardening, ceramics, painting, renovating, doing up furniture.

Maybe you’re still working (boo!) while everyone else seems to be having a break. Do you have to constantly wash your hands because of your job, or be exposed to the elements… You’re a nurse? A chef? Artist? Engineer? Landscaper? Scientist? Carer? Astronaut? Builder?

We’d love you to post a picture of what it is that you do, that’s drying out your skin. Whatever it is, we want to know!

Post it on Instgram or Facebook using the hashtags #ynatural and #mydryskin…

And yes. We have prizes. Awesome prizes. We have the best prizes. People tell me they’re bigly good prizes. You’re gonna need a bigger pool room. Tell you more shortly… It needs a whole post of its own 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ll start this party… with scuba diving!

Can’t wait to see your pics! Don’t forget the hashtags! xo

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