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Three outstanding products: Y natural’s 1000 RADICAL H20 Activated Shampoo, 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner and 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion.

Together, these three products would normally retail for $133 but for a limited time, you can purchase these together for just $99!

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Three outstanding products in this pack. Y natural’s 1000 RADICAL H20 Activated Shampoo, 1100 RESPOND Adaptive Conditioner and 700 SOFT Hand & Body Lotion.Together, these three products would normally retail together for $133. For a limited time, you can purchase these together for just $99. That’s a saving of 25%!

Über organic 1000 RADICAL H2O Activated Shampoo is the most natural salon-only shampoo in the world.  Made from an exclusive blend of natural and certified organic ingredients in a gentle, non-chemical plant-sugar base, 1000 RADICAL naturally cleans, nourishes and strengthens hair and is suitable for everyday use.  Enjoy the fresh scent of lemon myrtle, mandarin, geranium, green tea, cypress, ginseng and other delicious ingredients.

1000 RADICAL has been specially formulated to be consistent with research indicating that big bubbly foams are not essential, and may in fact hinder effective cleaning.  Hence it is free of sulphates, betaines and other petrochemical or ethoxylated ingredients.

Certified organic oils, herbal extracts and essential oils nourish and restore condition, leaving hair über-silky, shiny, strong and smooth.  The non-GMO rapeseed-based detangling agent immediately softens the hair, allowing hair to untangle effortlessly in seconds.

Dry and parched hair is nourished from the certified organic oils and herbal extracts.  Amino peptides from wheat add strength to weakened or chemically damaged hair, and have powerful water binding qualities to help moisturise hair.  The aroma of lemon myrtle, rosehip, calendula, mandarin and geranium is simply divine.

The powerful antioxidants, skin hydrators, natural oils, invigorating herbal extracts and pure essential oils help smooth, nourish, revitalise and protect skin.  Light and easily absorbed, this blend is suitable for all skin profiles, and its concentrated goodness keeps skin feeling soft and moisturised all day long.

With calendula for soothing and healing, the amazing properties of Bulgarian Rose Otto, and the anti-cellulite benefits of Grapefruit Pink, this is no ordinary moisturiser.  Potent antioxidants in Rosehip oil, green tea extract, cocoa butter and other ingredients counteract the impact of free radicals from a variety of environmental pollutants.

700 SOFT provides the powerful moisturising benefits of organic shea nut butter and organic cocoa butter.  We believe the litmus test for a really great hand and body lotion is whether or not it keeps legs smooth all day after shaving – and with regular use, we’re sure you will see a noticeable improvement in the condition of your skin.

Most of the ingredients in this luscious lotion are not found in any other hand and body lotion on the market and the smell of chocolate and green tea is so good you might want to eat it!

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