Y natural Products

Gorgeous Organics by Subscription!

$64.00 (inc GST) on the 27th of each month for 12 months and a $250.00 sign-up fee

In fact, it isn’t really a ‘sign up’ fee. It’s FREE to be part of this! It’s more accurate to say you pay $250 as a deposit, at which time we send you between $300 and $500 in products and/or services to get started, and from then on we keep you looking and feeling gorgeous with our luscious organic products!

First payment: November 27, 2017



The aim is to ensure payments are small and manageable while we help keep your skin healthy and looking beautiful! And remember, you won’t be charged for anything you don’t use!

  • We tally what you’ve actually used / received at the 9 month point and adjust the payments (up or down a little) so they’re smoothed over the coming months.
  • By being flexible in this way, it means that you don’t need to be psychic about how your skin changes with seasons, or what products become your favourite addiction. We just go with the flow!

Here’s what we suggest you do:

  • Arrange a Y natural facial with our resident Skin Expert at the start of your subscription;
  • Get your initial complete set of gorgeous Y natural products that have been especially prescribed for you at the start of your subscription;
  • Instructions to ensure you are confident in how to get the best possible results;
  • Ongoing customer care to ensure you’re getting the right results, including how to make small adjustments to your routine to accommodate seasonal changes;
  • Three additional deliveries of products to see you through one full calendar year;
  • PLUS we provide complimentary clay mask (enough for two treatments each quarter) and from time to time will include a short-run VIP product that we produce for gifts, surprises and testing out new ideas: special masks or body scrubs, super-natural and gentle soaps, silky body washes and other gorgeous treats. These may be fun, experimental or unusual, but always beautiful!

Your VIP discount will be applied to all products and services.

You’re welcome to add in our hair care too. We’ve even had some customers ask if they can use the subscription as a Christmas club of sorts, so they can get gifts whenever they want them. That’s fine by us.

We provide an account regularly so you can see how you’re going. As we’ve mentioned, this goes by your actual purchases (less a VIP discount) and your payments. If things get really out of sync, we get in touch to talk about budget-friendly ways to address the difference.

When or if you decide to discontinue your subscription, if your purchases have exceeded your payments, you’ll need to make a one-off payment to bring things into balance. If you’ve got a bit of credit up your sleeve, you can let us know what products you’d like us to send you to use up that credit. Please note that if a subscription is cancelled prior to 12 month duration, the 10% discount is not applied.



With some of these products, it’s quite usual to use three or four of these per year, while with others, one bottle might be enough to last a year. Because there is so much individual variation, we’ve set things up according to the ‘average’ so that it is nice and simple to get started.

We recommend a facial because we’d love you to do this so that you get the best recommendations and have that wonderful head start on cleansing, hydrating and treating your skin. We understand that not everyone will be able to get to our Glenelg HQ during business hours. If you don’t have a facial, you won’t be paying for it. Conversely, if you decide you love your Y natural facial and want monthly or quarterly facials, it’s easy to factor in.

Our hero product 600 SMOOTH Anti Age Serum and our other anti-age products are much loved by almost all of our customers, so we have included these in our core package. That said, if anti-age is not something you’re interested in, that’s fine, we simply omit anti age products. Too easy!

Similarly, we’ve also included our 200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish because it’s stunning and has a gazillion of devoted BUFF-lovers who attest to its gorgeousness. Once you try it, you’ll see why it would be crazy to leave it out!


FACIALY natural Skin Essential Facial
CLEANSER101 LUXURY Cleansing Lotion or 102 CLEAN Foaming Cleanser
SKIN POLISH200 BUFF Marine Skin Polish
SKIN CONDITIONER400 GRACE Skin Conditioner or 403 REFINE Skin Conditioner
MOISTURISER501 PROTECT Anti Age Moisturiser or 502 HYDRATE Antioxidant Moisturiser
NIGHT TREATMENT601 NOURISH Luxury Treatment or 603 BALANCE Jojoba
ANTI AGE – NIGHT SERUM602 RESTORE Hydrating & Firming Treatment Gel


Y natural helps your skin to become the most beautiful and healthy that it’s been for years.

Everything you need is provided up-front and then your top up supplies arrive at your door without you having to do a thing.

Plus, by committing to our year-long program, we reward you with even better value.

Smart and beautiful.